Aarna Narula
(Student PYP 5)

IEO Gold Medal Int. Rank 1

Our children are our pride. The way they have been achieving their goals at such a young age has been an inspiration to everyone.

Their perseverance, tenacity and diligence have produced the results they are consistently accomplishing. We wish you success in all of your future endeavours.

Jash Dalal
(Student PYP 5)

IEO Zonal Medal of Distinction

Congratulation to Jash Dalal, our PYP 5 student; it goes without saying that this achievement was the result of your perseverance, diligence and conviction.

Hard work is the key to success." This saying is perfect for our top performer, 
Ms. Tanishka Gupta. She is not only an achiever but also an author of 2 books on Amazon at a very young age.

1st Book - Princess in Space
2nd Book - Super Seven Stories

Such students inspire their classmates and friends to stay focused and work toward their objectives.

Tanishka Gupta
(Student PYP 5)

IMO Zonal Medal of Distinction