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The role of education is not merely to give your child , knowledge' but also make him/her a complete individual. And a child today needs an education that puts him/her on to the global platform. For that you need a school that makes your child competent in all respects, so that he/she could take on the world. An international school promises to do just that, besides bring your child's gateway to the world. The following questions and answers are developed to provide an additional resource for parents and students to learn more about how the Primary Years Programme is being implemented in Ajmera Global School.

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  • 1. What is the International Baccalaureate Organization?    Show more   

  • The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) is an independent non-profit educational foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland. The IB offers an education for students from age 3 to 19, comprising of four programmes that focus on teaching students to think critically and independently, and how to inquire with care and logic. The IB prepares students to succeed in a world where facts and fiction merge in the news, and where asking the right questions is a crucial skill that will allow them to flourish long after they’ve left our programmes. We are supported by IB teachers and coordinators who develop and promote the IB’s curriculums in almost 5,000 schools globally every day, in over 150 countries around the world.


  • 2. How authorised is your school to offer IB PYP curriculum?    Show more   

  • We are an IB World school and completed our authorisation process in the year 2009 in the month of October. Apart from that the IB schools are expected to undergo regress evaluation process after being authorised. We are proud to complete two successful evaluations so far and heading towards the next evaluation in 2022.


  • 3. How many schools are authorized to offer IB programmes in india and Mumbai?    Show more   

  • No.
    Name of the School
    Programmes followed PYP
    1. Ajmera Global School
    Borivali (W)
    2. merican School of Bombay
    Kohinoor mills, Kurla
    3. Ascend International School
    4. BombayInternational School
    5. DY Patil International School
    6. Don Bosco International School
    7. Ecole Mondaile World School
    Vile Parle (W), Juhu
    8. Edubridge International School
    Grant road
    9. Fazlani L’Academie Globale
    10. Jamnabhai Narsee International School
    11. Mount Litera School International
    12. NES International School
    13. NES International School
    14. NSS Hill Spring International School
    15. NEXTSchool
    16. Oberoi International School
    OGC Goregaon
    17. Oberoi International School
    Jogeshwari Vikroli Link road
    18. Podar International School
    Santa Cruz (W)
    19. Podar O.R.T International School
  • 4. What are the benefits of IB education?    Show more   

  • § IB World Schools (the only schools authorized to offer IB programmes) are subject to a strict accreditation process monitored by the IB, ensuring that schools provide a high-quality education.
    § IB teaching methods and curriculums are research-based and draw from the best educational practices from systems around the world.
    § IB teachers are required to participate in many professional development opportunities to continually promote their awareness of current educational practices and new thinking.
    § IB students develop a sense of the world around them and their responsibility to it.
    § IB programmes are recognized internationally and ease the educational transitions of mobile students so that their education is not adversely affected if their families relocate.


  • 5. What are the benefits of the PYP?    Show more   

  • The PYP benefits both learners and educators and strengthens learning and international mindedness throughout the entire school community.

    • The PYP for Students.
    • In the PYP, students learn how to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own learning through an inquiry-led approach.
    • By developing the attributes of the IB learner profile, students also learn how to demonstrate respect for themselves and others, developing international-mindedness by working with others for a shared purpose and taking positive action for change..


  • 6. How are the PYP learners different?    Show more   

  • 7. Will my child be able to transfer to another PYP school?    Show more   

  • All PYP schools use the same pedagogical approach which is inquiry-based learning. The programme also develops an understanding of concepts; big ideas that are transferable to new situations. Your child will be able to transfer his/her knowledge to other PYP schools. As the transdisciplinary skills are embedded in all aspects of teaching and learning, your child will develop life-long skills that can be applied in other schools.


  • 8. Does implementing an IB PYP curriculum means my child’s school will not teach local or national standards?    Show more   

  • The IB is committed to making sure that students in IB programmes meet and exceed local or national standards. With the implementation of any IB programme, schools are required to examine their curriculum carefully to ensure that there is alignment with local, state or national standards. More information on the IB is available at


  • 9. Is the PYP easier or more difficult than a national curriculum?    Show more   

  • The IB offers a curriculum framework and it is expected that schools will develop curriculum based on that framework keeping the local needs in mind. It has rigor supporting and guidance to students, so they develop enduring understandings. At AGS we have developed our own curriculum for Nursery to Grade 5 using the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework, and other international curriculum..


  • 10. Have studies been done on the impact of PYP?    Show more   

  • The IB places great value on external validation of its programmes, curriculums and professional development. A recent Global International Schools’ Assessment study found that PYP students outperformed non-IB students in mathematics, reading and writing. Additional studies on programme impact, quality assurance, programme development and assessment research are available at


  • 11. How can I learn more about IB and PYP?    Show more   

  • You can visit our school and meet our Head of the Schools . You can go through IB website. You can talk to our current parents and students. . If you still have any query about IB you can refer the website below . For official details refer to the following website: International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO):