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The role of education is not merely to give your child , knowledge' but also make him/her a complete individual. And a child today needs an education that puts him/her on to the global platform. For that you need a school that makes your child competent in all respects, so that he/she could take on the world. An international school promises to do just that, besides bring your child's gateway to the world. The following questions and answers are developed to provide an additional resource for parents and students to learn more about how the Primary Years Programme is being implemented in Ajmera Global School.

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  • 1. What is the International Baccalaureate Organization?
  • 2. Is Ajmera Global School an IB World School?
  • 3. How many schools are authorized to offer IB programmes in india and Mumbai?
  • 4. Are all the IB authorized schoola eligible to offer all three IB programmes?
  • 5. What is the educational journey of AGS students?
  • 6. Are IB programmes only for honors or gifited students?
  • 7. We've heard that IB programmes are elitist and serve only a privileged this true?
  • 8. How much does IB programme cost in AGS?
  • 9. How is the primary years Programme different from other elementary (primary) school programmes?
  • 10. Can students transfer easily from one primary years programme school to onther?
  • 11. Will the children from Ajmera Global School adjust in any indian curriculum?
  • 12. How can my child enroll in the primary years programme in AGS?

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